What Makes Music “Christian?”

Here is a great little definition of by Chris McConnell, the founder of Band With a Mission. BWAM is essentially a Christian battle of the bands. You might have heard the name of the event before; it’s where Rush of Fools got their rise to the public eye.

There are a lot of bands that aren’t quite sure whether or not their music fits into the Christian scene. Listen to what McConnell has to say about it here. For another, more in depth, look at this blog.
And as a little bonus, here’s a YouTube video of a drum solo by Boochie Shepherd drummer Heath Hood:

Boochie Shepherd music on iTunes



~ by fatkidrecords on July 24, 2007.

One Response to “What Makes Music “Christian?””

  1. Great question. Those who call their music Christian music seem to place themselves in a spiritually superior category. There’s a certain self-righteousness to it, like the self-righteousness spoken of in this song:

    You’ve Got 2 Be Bad 2 Get 2 Heaven
    Dr BLT featuring Not Beyounce
    [audio src="http://www.drblt.net/music/BaDemo2.mp3" /]

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