Passion and Music Ministry

Have you ever been moved by someone else’s passion?

Last night, I had the privilege of seeing Shaun Groves. I found out about his concert, ironically, when he commented on my blog. Kind of weird circumstances, but very much a God thing, methinks. Not only was Shaun’s concert amazing (he’s funny on top of being a fantastic musician), but his stirred me like no other musician I have ever seen.

Shaun Groves and brandon mc of Boochie Shepherd

is an advocate of Compassion International. It turns out this guy has really made some noble sacrifices to do everything he can to support this organization. I highly recommend that you check them out. I don’t get any kind of compensation for saying this; it’s just a genuinely worthy cause.

I say all of that to say this: be passionate. Whatever it is that God has reserved you for, be passionate about it.

If you are a Christian musician, sing and play with passion.

If you are blessed with the talent of encouragement, do it with passion.

If you are a great speaker, do it with passion.

You see, passionate people make a difference in this world. The of the first century were so passionate that they were willing to die in order to let others know about forgiveness and unconditional love and a . Their passion has changed my life and, if you’re reading this, probably yours, too.

As a , you have a responsibility to be passionate about what you are doing. You are placed in front of an audience every night (or however often you play); you have a platform to speak beautiful things and to feed the spiritually hungry. Don’t ruin that influence by being afraid to be passionate about the way you play, talk, and perform.

As a member of Boochie Shepherd, I pray that my music and performances will inspire people in the same way that Shaun inspired me last night.

Thanks, Shaun. And God bless you.

brandon mc


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2 Responses to “Passion and Music Ministry”

  1. Ditto,
    Jesus was passionate about everything He did while He was here on this earth. He was even passionate about His own death and resurrection. Thanks for a great article!

    Belinda Jane is a contemporary christian artist, who is passionate about spreading the Word of Christ. Check out Belinda Jane Music and More on Blogger – or on the web at

  2. I totally agree that you must be passionate about anything you do especially when it reflects God’s glory in our lives.

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